Meet the Boss


Lizzie Whitfield


Director / Screenwriter / Producer / Leading Actress "Edith"

Lizzie Whitfield is a film production graduate who received her Association of Arts degree from De Anza College. She is currently awaiting for transfer to continue her studies in film at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is employed at Breathe Together Yoga.


When Lizzie was a young girl, she would shoot short films with her family's camcorder. Film is a unique medium to Lizzie when it comes to communicating important messages to people and creating a world around the character's perspective. From producing to directing and writing, she continues to explore her creativity in hoping she could share her love for film to the audience. She has an ongoing thirst for knowledge and imagination for the cinematic arts, as well as the willingness to help others pursue their own vision for their films.


Not only has Lizzie's creativity encouraged filmmakers to give their 100 percent in their work, but her experience in working in a yoga studio and her enthusiastic mind has been the core of creating healthy, motivating relationships with filmmakers of all ages. Her incredible understanding and cooperation with the community is a trait that everyone looks for in a strong yet kind female leader.


Lizzie is available to work in future projects as a director or an actress. She can be contacted through her email

Meet The Talents

Sophia-Headshot - Sian Mole.jpg

Sophia Mole

Supporting Actress "Young Edith"

Sophia Mole is a middle school student from the Almaden Country Day School who has been involved in acting for about a year.


Sophia is interested in acting because it is a huge passion of hers and it inspires her to explore the minds of different characters while unveiling the cool worlds for the audience to explore. She has taken the opportunity to be in Lizzie's short film to experience what it is like on a horror movie set.


She continues to grow and excel in the arts of acting in hoping she can get involved in bigger productions and use her acting skills to make strong, yet impacting characters.


Sophia is available to participate in projects as an actress. If interested, please contact

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Jee Kang

Supporting Actress "Alice" / Production Assistant

Growing up, Jee had a voracious appetite for stories. Reading stories and being introduced to film by her father sparked her interest in acting. Despite being part of the STEM program, Jee wanted to explore more on the creative aspects of storytelling. Jee's perseverance and passion for acting has made her notable for her great involvement in film productions.


During Jee's free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs and has the desire to save the dogs in the world. In addition to this, Jee likes to exercise to stay fit and watch movies.


Jee is available to act in film productions. Jee can be reached at



Supporting Actress "Alice" / Production Assistant

Crispy is a film student from De Anza College and has worked as an executive producer for a project called 26.2 to Life: The San Quentin Prison Marathon ( for the past three years.


As a successful high tech career woman and a patroness of the arts, Crispy enjoys helping others bring their ideas to life, working in groups, and problem-solving. The 26.2 to Life: The San Quentin Prison Marathon is a documentary feature film that resonates most with Crispy's passion for the arts because being at the prison inspired her to make the most of her freedom and creativity. With Crispy's involvement in this short horror film, not only has she explored her acting abilities on set, but she also learned about the special effects makeup and the props that help the talent dive in for the appropriate emotion.


Crispy's love for the arts motivates filmmakers to work effectively and cooperatively in a production. To her, filmmaking is an art form and a craft that challenges people to improvise, problem solve, and work together to create something new.


Crispy is interested in assisting film productions with any capacity that includes acting, singing, writing music/screenplays, producing, gaffing, sound recording, post production sound, editing, prop designing, and directing. Crispy can be reached at

Meet the Crew

Canada Day 5_2019_50.jpg

Anh Le


Co-Producer / Webmaster

Anh Le is a 2nd year student who is finishing her Associate of Arts degree this December 2019 in De Anza College. She is currently employed as a camera operator from the AJI Network to strengthen her skills with three-camera shoots.


Anh has always enjoyed writing stories and helping with her colleagues with their projects. Before devoting her time in film production, Anh has participated for four years in the Army JROTC Program, which is a leadership and citizenship program offered in some high schools. Her timely yet strong quality of work has been a value that many filmmakers have seeked in the industry and she continues to cultivate these attributes with every project she participates in.


Although one of Anh's dreams is to become a successful filmmaker in this artistic industry, her true dream is to bring people together and educate them about world issues through the medium of film.


Anh is available to work as a director, director of photography, webmaster, producer, and screenwriter. She can be reached in her personal website

Robert De Leon Edited Headshot.jpg

Robert De Leon


Co-Director / Production Assistant

Robert De Leon is a film student from San Francisco State University who works as a freelance production assistant and contracted as a corporate security guard for the Fortune 500 company.


Film to Robert is a unique concept of escapism in storytelling. He finds uniqueness in every film that people can get lost or indulge themselves in the story and find inspiration and meaning from the messages the film displays. The drive to make impacting stories that reveal the deeper truth of different characters, that is what motivates Robert to pursue making outstanding films.


With failure comes an opportunity to improve and make the best out of any situation. Robert was given the unique privilege to work in Lizzie's film to utilize his cooperation skills and his strong knowledge in creating a compelling story arc. He wishes to work with more short films and professional roles to enhance his skills as a director and a gaffer.


Robert is available to work in future productions as a gaffer, production coordinator, co-director, or 1st assistant director. He can be reached at


Daniel Krum


Best Boy / Production Assistant / Supporting Actor "Aster"

Daniel Krum is a filmmaker who works as a barista for Voyager Coffee.


For two years, Daniel has worked in media of various kinds: music videos, narrative film, abstract film, and many more. He wanted to get involved in film because he was inspired from his uncle's film work "Will & Grace." Lately, Daniel has been interviewing music artists in the Bay Area to explore their artistic choices and the impact they have made from the lyrics to their audience.


Daniel is an artist who is reliable and adaptable to any environment. His sense of humor and enthusiastic character has been the highlight of many accomplished productions and has contributed to helping filmmakers be able to expand their vision and dive deeper in their stories.


Daniel is interested in working as a director of photography, gaffer, director, or actor in film projects. He can be reached at

image1 (1).jpeg

Garrett McDade


1st Assistant Camera / Editor

Garrett Fernandes-McDade is a University of California, Santa Cruz film student who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in film production.


For a long time, Garrett has been strongly passionate about creating imaginary characters and compelling narratives. Garrett took film classes since his sophomore year of high school and finds that sharing meaningful stories to a wide audience is the greatest reward he can have in making films.


To Garrett, communication is key to making any project a success. There is nothing more fascinating to him than making movies. His encounters in working with motivated artists like Lizzie helped strengthen his purpose in pursuing his own artistic endeavors after college.


Garrett is available to work in future productions as an editor or cinematographer. He can be reached at


Anthony Inman


B-Roll Photographer / FX Assistant / Production Assistant

Anthony Inman is currently a data technician and has worked in this position for the past four years. He practices photography in capturing real emotions of different people.


Although Anthony attended art school to study in graphic design, he found that graphic design was not his passion. School provided a foundation for him to understand that doing art is much more than working with a pen and paper. Therefore, he always had a camera on him to capture unique moments of himself, his family, and other occasions.


His motivation comes from watching films. Anthony enjoys watching horror films because he finds the inspiration to write stories of his own. Anthony has proven to be a constantly productive colleague who not only finds his voice in art, but also assists others in bringing out their full artistic potential on set.


Anthony is interested in working as a set photographer. He can be reached at


Benjamin Hung


Production Assistant

Benjamin Hung is an engineering student from Cabrillo College who has completed Associate's Degrees in STEM. Before his involvement in engineering, he had formerly studied and gained an Associate's Degree in graphic design.


While attending Cabrillo, Ben found himself immersed in the unique world of film photography. He learned how to process photos in the darkroom and worked with Adobe software tools. Directors like Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, and Werner Herzog opened Ben's eyes to the possibilities of storytelling through film. Ben went on to do set building and rigging for the Cabrillo Stage production of Concerning Matthew Shepard.


Ben has skills in photography, lighting, sound, editing, engineering, machining, and set building. He aims to put out the best possible work in all future productions. Ben values clarity of vision, hard work, and learning by doing. He has fast maneuvering skills in wearing many hats, making him a valuable contributor; however, he is interested in developing a specialization.


Ben is interested in joining future productions in roles such as camera, lighting, effects, sound, and set building, as well as production assistance. He is interested in both narrative and documentary filmmaking, and can travel. He can be reached at


Max Hurley


Director of Photography

Max Hurley is currently a 3rd year film student at Cabrillo College.


Ever since attending a video production class in high school, Max has a strong fascination for exploring his art in film. He desires to work in the film industry as a Director of Photography and intends to cultivate his work through working in more short films in the future. While some productions do not follow as planned, Max uses his education to prepare with his team well and coordinate with team members on different ideas that helps bring the production to success.


After studying two years of political science, Max found that his passion belongs in film. Working in Lizzie's film has further enhanced his passion not only as a filmmaker, but a person who wishes to make intriguing stories a magical reality.


Max is available to work as a Director of Photography no matter how big or small the production may be. Max can be reached at


Fernando De La Rosa



Fernando de la Rosa is a film student from San Francisco State University. He currently works at VividOne7 Photography as a producer, director, cinematographer, and photographer while assisting students on how to use camera and lighting equipment and teaching them the important values in storytelling.


Having been a filmmaker for two years, he finds his strength in cooperating with others and making people's vision a reality. He enjoys guiding fellow film colleagues on the tools and skills they need to gain confidence in the media industry. His ultimate goal lies with teaching film in an institution.


As a gaffer, he has experimented working with LED lights without a generator or power from outlets. This allowed him to expand his mindset in conveying impacting stories through lighting not just in an indoor setting, but also locations such as forests and landscapes. His constant motivation for challenging tasks makes him a desirable crew member for any production as he is able to plan out shoots well in advance and make timely decisions when plans have failed on the spot.


Fernando is interested to participate in productions as a producer, director, director of photography grip, production assistant, and stunt double (for action projects). He can be reached at


Julian Laplaca


FX / Art Director

Julian Iaplaca is currently a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, practicing artistic skills since 1995.


Julian has devoted himself to creatively making visuals for blood and other contents in making compelling and realistic stories. With strong understandings of makeup and prosthetic use, he is able to make gore visuals come to life. He works well in any type of environment. Through well-executed projects, he can create makeup into an artistic masterpiece. In some cases, Julian can also improvise when the tasks require him to do so, and his products still turn out picture perfect.


A good script and a cooperative crew are what highlights Julian's ability the most. Like him, he enjoys working with people who show dedication and great promise to the project. During his free time, he practices painting to explore different visual concepts that he can apply to media productions. He has used charcoal for "Those Things That Watch" short film to make the creatures have a unique design compared to creatures that are often made with CGI.


Julian is interested in contributing his work as an art director or special effects in future productions. He can be reached at


Jake Sickel


2nd Assistant Camera / Boom Operator / Production Assistant

Back in 2000, Jake Sickel grew his love for film production when he watched his older siblings's home movies. Jake is a film student from De Anza College who is always excited to help people in their film productions.


Jake was worked in multiple productions as a production assistant. He knows a little bit of everything and is willing to learn new things to implement his knowledge to support future productions. He is a quick respondent whom many colleagues often depend on when assistance is needed at an immediate notice.


Jake enjoys making new friends in productions and practicing his skills from old productions to help with new productions. Every production opportunity gives him a chance to exercise his new skills, such as lighting, sound, and many other aspects. He is happy to share these experiences with students and colleagues to help everyone in improving their technical skills.


Jake is open to working in film projects as a production assistant, boom operator, and talent. He can be reached at


Naren Sareday


Production Assistant / Continuity

Naren Sareday is a radio, television and film student from San Jose State University. He intends to improve his directing, producing, and writing skills through networking with motivational-minded people and getting involved in different media productions.


His family had some background in film producing and directing in India, which initiated Naren's interest in working on set. Naren had created two short films and learned how challenging it can be to initiate the creative process and lead the team. Nonetheless, the challenging conditions he faced in his productions made him grow stronger as a leader and valuable as a teammate for any production.


While coffee helps continue the drive in a long production day, Naren's skills elevate through continuously finding ways to improve himself as an artist. He wants to make a short comedy series in the future.


Naren is interested in working any tasks in the pre-production phase. He can be reached at


Brad Meyer


Production Sound Mixer

After retiring as a long-time Silicon Valley professional, Brad Meyer is now following his creative interests in film and television production at De Anza College.


Brad’s interest in media production stems from his technical background as well as his father’s inspiration as a Silicon Valley audio and video pioneer. Brad currently specializes in sound production and post-production sound but loves working on all aspects of media production technology. Focusing on sound production and post-production allows Brad to utilize his creative and technical skills to deliver very important, but often overlooked and underserved, aspects to media production.  Sound produces strong emotions when telling a story and is critical to any film and video project.


Brad continues to support his fellow colleagues in media production as time allows. Brad’s diverse skillset, level of reliability, knowledge, cooperation, and teamwork has made him a highly desirable crew member and is in high demand. He enjoys working with creative people who are focused, driven, and have a strong passion for their project.


Brad’s continuing interests include working as a production sound recordist, post-production sound design and mixing, ADR, Foley, lighting design and grip, camera operations and assistant, producer, and writer. Simply, he just wants to work on media production where he can add to his skillset and enhance any project.  He can be reached at


David Mostoufi


Boom Operator

David Mostoufi is a film student who’s dedicated to learning more about being a Writer, Director, Producer and Actor. Storytelling from all kinds of mediums and genres has been an important part of his life, so by engaging in the F/TV department at De Anza College, David has been able to pursue his passion by creating and working on several projects with his peers. He plans to continue his education, network with others and work hard on projects in both film and video production.


David is interested in contributing to productions and can be reached at